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One Drop Could Save Our Thirsty World


Although seventy percent of our planet is covered with water, we have only few percent of water that we can use. Many parts of the world are now facing with the water crisis. The World Health Organization, Unicef, and the UN are focusing on clean water global problem of the 21st century. And the decade of 2005 to 2015 began a worldwide commitment to critical years and bring global attention on this problem.

Fresh water is very essential to humans life existence - it is an important part to produce food, manufacture goods and sustain our health. It is also an essential part of the natural environment which supports all human, plant and animal life. In the 20th century, the world population was tripled and the global water consumption had risen almost tenfold since 1900. Many parts of the world are now reaching the limits of their water supply. UNESCO has predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem.

Yes!! this is the time we save and conserve water!!

Water conservation is an essential thing to do, every little bit of helps is important, please don't think that what you do doesn't matter. A lot of people doing a little bit water saving can add up to big quantity of water. We must all make changes in our lifestyles and our behavior. Water conservation needs to be our way of life, not just something we think about once in a while. If we all do our part in conserving water, we can make a huge difference for the environment.

Let start to conserve water now!!


  • 70% of the earth is covered by water.
  • 97% of this water is saltwater and unsuitable for drinking.
  • Less than 1% of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use!!!
  • Agriculture use 93% of our available water while Industry uses 4% and Domestic use is 3%
  • World population tripled in the 20th century
  • Within the next 50 years, world population will grow 50% or more!!!!
  • The human body is about 75% water
  • A person can live weeks without food, but only days without water
  • A person needs 4 to 5 gallons of water per day to survive.
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